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Only the spirit of giving can bring our society from distraction, to the right path of benevolence everywhere on the planet earth. New ideologies have imparted the attitude to ‘ask more’ but Islam pleads for an unconventional life style. Most of its teachings inspire to ‘give more’. This principle of ‘give more’ is really central to the idea of making the planet earth a place of benevolence and bliss.

The civilization inculcating the spirit of ‘give more’ would remain unrealized until we give serious thought to the four basic hurdles in this regard, namely greed, arrogance, immorality and vengeance. These impediments come in the way of evincing better attitude towards others, leading to segregation of people on the basis of vested interests and superficial similarities. It also leads to exploitation and intimidation of others. There would be no denial that most of our problems in making a happy world entails from these evils. Let us try and render our earth a better planet, a place where only peace, prosperity and happiness could reign.

We request you to please help the needy in any means.